Engagement Session

The drive down into the valley where camp resides is a little bit terrifying. A steep gravel hill, with a sharp turn and no guard rails but once it opens up into this magical land where you can scale the side of a 60 foot wall, ride a horse named Buzz, fly down a terrifying black tube, adventure up to the notorious lost cabin, meet a friendly witch and her pet alligator, make life long friends, and even - occasionally - fall in love. I actually know quite a bit about this place as I've been a camper and staff here myself but knowing that Kelsey + Caleb met and eventually became quite smitten with each other here doesn't surprise me one bit. This place exists outside of time and reality and frankly I can't think of any better place to grow a relationship.

Camp is equal parts bravery and magic. Love takes a bit of both. I can't wait to photograph your wedding guys. And if you don't make an announcement halfway through, I'm out. XOXO - B